Head Coach: Michelle Young Geddes - Michelle was a Hershey National Finalist for 2 years, a standout star at Needham High, and an All-American at Middlebury College. Back from London, she coached Wellesley HS track. She is a Head Coach for our Winter, Cross Country, Summer, and Spring programs. Michelle is a USATF Level 1 Coach.

Head Coach: Peter Farlow - Peter was a star hurdler at Needham HS and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. With Michelle, he is a Head Coach of our Spring, Summer, Cross Country, and Winter programs. Peter is a USATF Level 1 Coach.

Other Coaches - Our Team Leaders are Steve Flanagan, Matt Mahoney, Patrick Connors, and MaryBeth Rockett. Our Assistant Team Leaders are Emily Hargreaves, Robert Strollo, Will Cordonier, Ellie Cullen, Ethan Hollop, Chris Gillis, and Connor Jahn. Our coaches are Sebastian LeMay, Garrett Walsh, Vic Vakati, Michael Kazierad, Meghan Smith, Ben Keegan, Nicole Stevens, Ana Keene, Will Katcher, Stephanie Mittaz, Cam McLeod, Chris & Alex Spyropoulos, Claudia Sesso, Malcolm Duport, Connell Butchart, and Amelia Vetrraino.